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  • PO Box 7784
  • Dorchester
  • DT1 9GT, UK
  • Tel: +44 (0)800 242 5841
  • email: sales@ibt-power.com
  • web: www.ibt-power.com

 IBT POWER IBT Power is responsible for sales, marketing and distribution of IBT's extensive range of battery products. Our role is to ensure that customers are satisfied with the product & service received and are supported in the initial design-in process, this includes not only IBT Power customers but also large OEM's dealing direct with the factories. The UK is the main distribution point for Northern Europe therefore IBT have world class logistics facilities based on the South Coast of England. From hear through innovation, the flow of goods and information across the supply chain is managed..


IBT a global company

IBT is able to supply a wide range of batteryl products, all of which are manufactured in ISO9000 approved facilities. IBT has a commitment to its customers to reach the highest attainable levels of quality and aspires to 100% customer satisfaction. IBT has achieved a good reputation not only in its home market but also in the global market to which it supplies under its own name and branded product.


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